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Diameter 0.08mm*40 Constantan Alloy Wire


Diameter 0.08mm*40 constantan alloy wire is the negative leg of type T thermocouple wire.





Diameter 0.08mm*40 constantan alloy wire

Diameter 0.08mm*40 constantan alloy wire can be used in oxidizing, reducing, or inert atmospheres with a service temperature range between -200°C and 370°C (-330°F to 700°F). The high temperature use of this thermocouple is also limited due to rapid oxidation of the copper element. The Type T thermocouple is one of the few thermocouples which have established limits of error for use in subzero and cryogenic applications. This is possible due to the Type T's superior corrosion resistance in moist environments.

1. Physical Properties

Type T
Constantan (TN)
Resistivity at 20/(uΩ·cm)49.0
Tensile Strength/(MPa)>=390

2. EMF value

Working Temperature of thermocouple wire
Diameter/mmLong time Working temperature /Short period Working temperature /
0.2, 0.3150200
0.5, 0.8200250
1.0,  1.2250300
1.6,  2.0300350

Chromel and Alumel Wire 4


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