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UALLOY MI Cable INCONEL 600 Sheathed Mineral Insulated Cable


The products is manufactured according to the standards of GB/T4989-1994 "Compensating Wire for Thermocouples" and JB/T7495-1994 "Compensating Cable for Thermocouples".





       UALLOY MI cable INCONEL 600 sheathed mineral insulated cable  

      MI thermocouple cable is used to insulate thermocouple wires from one another and from the metal sheath that surrounds them. MI Cable has two (or four when duplex) thermocouple wires running down the middle of the tube. The tube is then filled with magnesium oxide powder and compacted to ensure the wires are properly insulated and separated. Mineral insulated cable helps to protect the thermocouple wire from corrosion and electrical interference MI themocouple cable.

Outside Sheath Diameter±0.002" (±0.05mm) or ±1% of nominal diameter
Wall ThicknessMgO Purity
Wire Diameter15% of sheath diameter as a minimum for 2 wires
12% of sheath diameter as a minimum for 4 wires
9% of sheath diameter as a minimum for 6 wires
CalibrationTo meet special limits of error as defined in ASTM-E230 and IEC 60584-2
MgO Purity99.6% Sea Mgo Powder


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