Nylon Singles Thermocouple Cable

Nylon Singles Thermocouple Cable
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Product Details

       Nylon Singles Thermocouple Cable

       The products is manufactured according to the standards of GB/T4989-1994 "Compensating Wire for
Thermocouples" and JB/T7495-1994 "Compensating Cable for Thermocouples".
       This kind of products are mainly used as the connect wire in the automatic measure instruments in the
electronic power industry, chemical industry, petroleum industry, metallurgy industry and national
defense industry, etc.
       More details about the product:

Conductor Material+Chromel , -Alumel
Insulation MaterialNylon Duplex
Conductor diameter0.2mm to 1.5mm
Temperature range-200ºC-1200ºC

       Other sizes are available upon your request.