AWG 24 Or AWG 26 Stranded RTD Cable

AWG 24 Or AWG 26 Stranded RTD Cable
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AWG 24 or AWG 26 Stranded RTD Cable 

1. Temperature Accuracy/Class: A-±0.15℃; B-±0.30℃; C-±0.60℃.

2. Terminal blocks:easy ending,2/3/4/5pin.

3. Diameter and length: 3*50cm, 4*50cm, 5*50cm, 6*50cm.

4. Insulation material: Teflon, SS, and customized.

5. Application: Petrochemicals, industrial equipment, food machinery, boiler, furnace, temperature control system, metallurgy, cement, printing and dyeing, hydro-power, thermal power, wind power, coal, laboratory platform, glass. Application Fields Type.