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Hot Sale Low Price 1.6mm NiAl 95/5 Thermal Spray Equivalent To Tafa 75B


Description NiAl 95/5 is a solid thermal spray wires, It can be use as bond coatings and for machine element restoration widely. The materials show an exothermic reaction during the spray process, Also can produce dense coatings with exceptionally high bond strengths that self-bond to most metallic substrates and can tolerate elevated temperatures and oxidizing atmospheres. Our Nickel Aluminum 95/5 thermal spray wires can equivalent to: Sulzer Metco 8400, Tafa 75B, 75E Nickel Aluminium 95/5. It is specifically designed for arc spray sysytems.





Hot Sale Low Price 1.6mm NiAl 95/5  Thermal Spray Equivalent To Tafa 75B

Bond coatings. 
Dimensional Restoration. 
Fretting resistance ar high and low temperatures.
Particle erosion resistance at high temperatures. 
High-temperature anti-corrosive coating. 

Product Details
Chemical composition:

Grade Chemical composition(%)
NiAl 95/5Al   CSiMnFeCuTiNi

Physical Properties:

Grade DensityMelting Point 
NiAl 95/58.2 g/cm31430°C 

Typical Characteristics: 

Typical Hardness Bond StrengthDeposit RateDeposit EfficiencyMachilityineab
HRB 759500 psi 10 lbs /hr/100A



Sizes & Packaging:

Diameter PackagingWire Weight
1/16” (1.6mm)MIG (D 300) 15kg((33 lb)/spool 

Note that special sizes, or packing requirements are available on all requests.
95Ni 5Al, PWA 36937 for PWA 271-37 Rev H, GEAE ,C07-042 for GE SPM 70-49-38, B50TF56-
S11/CL A (Chem only), CFMI CP6039 for 70-, 48-14, Honeywell FP5045, Type XV Nickel Aluminum.

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