Hot Sale Low Price 1.6mm NiAl 95/5 Thermal Spray Equivalent To Tafa 75B

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Product Details

Hot Sale Low Price 1.6mm NiAl 95/5  Thermal Spray Equivalent To Tafa 75B

Bond coatings. 
Dimensional Restoration. 
Fretting resistance ar high and low temperatures.
Particle erosion resistance at high temperatures. 
High-temperature anti-corrosive coating. 

Product Details
Chemical composition:

Grade Chemical composition(%)
NiAl 95/5Al   CSiMnFeCuTiNi

Physical Properties:

Grade DensityMelting Point 
NiAl 95/58.2 g/cm31430°C 

Typical Characteristics: 

Typical Hardness Bond StrengthDeposit RateDeposit EfficiencyMachilityineab
HRB 759500 psi 10 lbs /hr/100A



Sizes & Packaging:

Diameter PackagingWire Weight
1/16” (1.6mm)MIG (D 300) 15kg((33 lb)/spool 

Note that special sizes, or packing requirements are available on all requests.
95Ni 5Al, PWA 36937 for PWA 271-37 Rev H, GEAE ,C07-042 for GE SPM 70-49-38, B50TF56-
S11/CL A (Chem only), CFMI CP6039 for 70-, 48-14, Honeywell FP5045, Type XV Nickel Aluminum.