High Quality Pure Nickle 201 Heating Stranded Wire 0.55mm*19

High Quality Pure Nickle 201 Heating Stranded Wire 0.55mm*19
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Pure Nickel 201 wire

Hangzhou ualloy alloy material Co., Ltd specialized in production of Resistance Heating alloy, nickel chromium alloy, iron chromium aluminum alloy, nickel aluminum alloy, manganin, copper nickel alloy, thermocouple wire, pure nickel and other precision alloy material in the form of round wire, ribbon wire, sheet, tape, strip, rod and plate.

1. Producing process
Nickel wire are made by advanced vacuum melting process. And by forging, rolling, annealing and drawing.
2. Usage
Nickel wires are used in electric apparatus, lead for lamp and chemical machinery.
Pure Nickel strip and foil, mainly used in batteries, electronic parts, some special lamp.

3. Sizes
Strip: Thickness: 0.02mm to 3.0mm, Width: 1.0mm to 250mm
Wire: Diameter: 0.025mm to 3.0mm
Sheet/Coil: Thickness: 0.002-0.125mm
Width in coil: 6.00mm max
In plate and straight lengths: 12.00mm max

4. Advantage
High quality, short delivery time, small MOQ.
5. Package
1) Spool, Carton, Wooden Case, for diameter less than 1mm.
2) Coil, Waterproof Paper, Wooden Case/Pallet, for diameter more than 1mm