Precision Soft Magnetica Alloy Strip (1J46, 1J50, 1J79, 1J85)

Precision Soft Magnetica Alloy Strip (1J46, 1J50, 1J79, 1J85)
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Product Details

Basic Info.

Model NO.:1J46, 1J50, 1J79, 1J85Product Type:Strip
Material:Fe, NiCarbon Content:Low Carbon
Package:According to Customer NeedsSpecification:GBn 198-1988
Status:BrightDensity:8.2 g/cm3
Thermal Expansion Coefficient (20~100oc):8.2*10-6/OcCurie Point:498 Oc
Thermal Conductivity:16.5 W/M. OcInitial Magnetic Permeability:Min. 8.0 Mh/M
Maximum Magnetic Permeability:Min. 50 Mh/MCoercive Force:Max. 10 a/M
Saturation Magnetic Flux Density:1.5 TUsage:Small Transformers, Pulse Transformers, Relays, Tr
HS Code:7409900000Production Capacity:50t/Month

Product Description

Precision Alloys:

Precision Alloys have special physical and mechanical properties, and are extensively applied in the key elements and devices of precision motor, electric appliance, instruments and meters, telecommunication equipments, and precision machines.

According to the application and specialties, precision alloys are split into magnetically hard alloy, magnetically soft alloy, elastic alloy, expansion alloy, thermo bimetal, resistance alloy, thermocouple alloy, electric conduction alloy, electric contact alloy, shape memory alloy, superconducting alloy and so on.

Soft Magnetic Alloy
1. Description
Soft Magnetic Alloy is one kind of alloy with high permeability  and low coercivity in weak magnetic field. This kind of alloy is widely used in radio electronics industry, precision instruments, remote control and automatic control system, generally, it is mainly used in energy conversion and information processing.
       Chemical Content(%)


       Mechanical Properties

Density8.2 g/cm3
Thermal Expansion Coefficient (20~100ºC)8.2*10-6/ºC
Curie Point498 ºC
Volume Resistivity (20ºC)45 μΩ.cm
Thermal Conductivity16.5 W/m. ºC
Initial Magnetic PermeabilityMin. 8.0 mH/m
Maximum Magnetic PermeabilityMin. 50 mH/m
Coercive ForceMax. 10 A/m
Saturation Magnetic Flux Density1.5 T

2. Usage
It is mostly used in  small transformers, pulse transformers, relays, transformer, magnetic amplifier, electromagnetic clutch, the reactor core and magnetic shielding which work in weak magnetic or secondary magnetic field.

3. Features 
1). Low coercivity and magnetic hysteresis loss;
2). High resistivity and low eddy-current loss;
3). High initial magnetic permeability and maximum magnetic permeability;
4). High saturation magnetic flux density;
4. Packing detail
 1). Coil (plastic spool) + compressed ply-wooden case + pallet 
 2). Coil (plastic spool) + carton + pallet  
5. Products and services
1). Pass: ISO9001 certification, and SO14001cetification;
2). Fine after-sale services;
3). Small order accepted;
4). Fast delivery;