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Principle And Application Analysis Of Resistance Heating

Sep 09, 2017

Principle and application analysis of resistance heating

The Joule effect of electric current transforms the electric energy into heat energy to heat the object. They are usually divided into direct resistance heating and indirect resistance heating. The supply voltage of the former is directly applied to the heated object, and when the current flows through, the heated object is electrically heated and the machine is heated. An object that can be heated by direct resistance must be a conductor, but with a higher resistivity. Because the heat is generated by the heated object itself, it belongs to the internal heating, and the heat efficiency is very high. Indirect resistance heating needs to be made of special alloy material or nonmetal material. The heating element is produced by heating element, and it is transmitted to the heated object by radiation, convection and conduction. Because the heated object and the heating element are divided into two parts, the types of the objects to be heated are generally unrestricted, and the operation is simple.

The materials used for heating elements with indirect resistance heating generally require high resistivity and low resistance temperature coefficient. They are small in deformation and difficult to be brittle at high temperature. Commonly used are iron aluminum alloy, nickel chromium alloy and other metal materials and silicon carbide, two molybdenum silicide and other non-metallic materials. The maximum working temperature of the metal heating element can be up to 1000~1500 degrees according to the material type, and the maximum working temperature of the non-metal heating element can be up to 1500~1700 DEG C. The heating pad has the advantages of convenient installation, can replace the hot stove, but it need to work pressure regulating device lifetime than alloy heating element is short, generally used in high temperature furnace, the temperature exceeds the allowable maximum working temperature of the metal material of the heating element and some special occasions.

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