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Precision Alloy / Permalloy

Feb 10, 2017

Product Description
With comprehensive advantage of technology and equipment, we can serve you of the following products:

(1) Precision Alloys (permalloys, sofe magnetic-, elastic-, electrical resistance alloys) and cores of permalloys.
(2) Superalloys: Casting master-alloy bars, deformation superalloys.
(3) Metal catalyst for diamond synthesis.
(4) Stainless steels and Corrosion alloys, Super structure alloys.
(5) Titanium alloys.
(6) Designing and producing of vacuum equipment, Technical consultation.

Precision alloys have special physical and mechanical properties. Their properties depend on the alloys' chemical compositions, purity, structure and producing accuracy.

Precision alloy should have definitive structure, specified magnetic property, electric property, mechanical property, chemical composition and other properties. With the rapid development of industry and increasing of Customers' demands, requirements to precision alloys are becoming much higher and stricter than before. Alloy's properties must be stable under various working conditions with small changes.

Although precision alloy products and parts are not big in size, their utilities are great in instruments, equipment and automatic systems. They are used in power-supplies, amplifiers and filters of main symbols to make all system work. Precision and reliability of the system depend on them. Therefore, special attention is given to the quality, properties and application of precision alloys are much noticed in all industry departments, especially from professional workers of electron, electricity and instrument making departments.

Fine Metal Branch can provide soft magnetic and forging hard magnetic alloys such as permalloys with high permeability and low Hc and other precision alloys