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Overview Of Resistance Heating

Nov 28, 2017

Overview of resistance heating

Resistance heating refers to the heat produced by the Joule effect of current passing through the conductor, which is carried out on the material. The resistance heating is divided into two kinds: Indirect resistance heating and direct resistance heating.


A tool in a packing machine that includes the first forming part as its heating element. 1.

(1) it is preferred as a plate and has at least one conductive trace with any required length.

(2), the first molding parts, arranged in preferably clamped between second molded parts and molding parts third, second and third of the molded part is preferably in the second molding parts are working tools, especially the sealing frame, heat molding, or heating plate, which is characterized in that the conductive trace. The material, geometry, and / or arrangement so choose, namely, that any desired temperature distribution obtained in the second molding parts.

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