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Multimeter To Measure Resistance Of Common Four Issues New Guidance Interpretation

Apr 01, 2016

Frequently asked questions: using the universal table should be zero when measuring resistance?

At the time of the multimeter to measure resistance, zero work on the multimeter is essential, requires engineers to pay attention. The zeroing operation can be divided into two steps to complete. First step can be attributed to mechanical zero, we can use the zero adjustment screw with a screwdriver rotating machinery, let the pointer aligns with zero on the left. Second step can be called short zero, our Red and black meter probe metal contacts, adjust the zero adjustment knob on the multimeter, make the pointer aligns with the right ohms zero. Note that if you shift, to short again zero.

Frequently asked questions II: during the process of measuring resistance, how to select multimeter Cheng Cai is best?

In the process of using a multimeter to measure resistance, we need according to the actual need to select an appropriate range, so as to obtain a high accuracy of measurement results. In the use of pointer multimeter to measure resistance in the process, we should try to make the pointer refers to the scale of the middle position. Need to keep in mind is that when the motor coil, motor winding resistance is very small, you should reset the Rx1 Rx10; when measuring the insulation resistance should be Rx10K.

Problem three: measuring how to use a digital multimeter to test resistance wire resistor value?

In summary the process of using a digital multimeter to measure resistance, resistance wire resistance we can measure directly. You first need to set the multimeter to resistance and measure resistance wire ends with two tables, electrical resistance wire resistance value is displayed on the screen. If you want to further test the current value, you need to keep the black table does not move, and inserting red table 20A hole, then raised stalls, DCA20 (DC) or the ACA (AC) to disconnect at any point in the circuit, two Watch series to measure operating current.