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Most Investment Prospects Of The Spontaneous Thermal Flooring Brands

Apr 01, 2016

Build your Sun from heating the floor heating floor, floors and the warm one, heat directly to the heating surface 2-5 mm from the floor area, and significantly reduced the distance of heat transfer, electric conversion rate of more than 95%. Power for 15 minutes on the floor surface temperature reaches 30 degrees.

Installation is simple:

Build your Sun from heating the floor heating floor using a unique "floor warming health three-in-one" design, within the integrated heating layer on the floor, is the real "spontaneous heating", under the floor no more complex laying of water pipes, cables and other facilities, direct reference to common wood floor installation methods, without "disembowelling, and infrastructure projects".

Long life and maintenance free:

Do not need spare parts for all kinds of complex inputs, service life is as long as the floor; does not need to warm vintage plumbing maintenance, water separator maintenance (Note: old heating boiler, seven years later, countries require compulsory scrapping), cost calculations, compared with other heating methods, with value-for-money price.