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In The Muffle Furnace For Heat Treatment Technology Innovation In Enterprises

Apr 01, 2016

Muffle furnace for heat treatment is an important process of mechanical and electronic production, the technology used in the main heating equipment is heat treatment muffle furnace. Through the muffle furnace heat to change the mechanical properties of metal materials in the furnace. Because metallic materials at different temperatures the performance of its internal organization is different, so through the heat treatment of metal materials can get needed organizational structures, so as to get what they need better mechanical properties. For example, the metal is annealed, it is in order to eliminate the internal stress of the material by heating, and the metal is heat treatment such as quenching, tempering, carburizing, were adopted in order to accurately control the temperature, thermal insulation and cooling rate to get people to the crystalline structure, to achieve the needed material mechanical performance.

In accordance with the classification of heat transfer in the furnace have?

(1) to convective heat transfer of heat treatment furnace: this type of heat treatment furnaces generally belong to the low-temperature furnace. In order to enhance convective heat transfer, improved temperature uniformity, should install the fan in the furnace (2) heat transfer by radiation heat treatment furnace: at temperatures above 650 deg c, work mainly by radiation heating in the furnace, furnace and high temperature furnaces are heated by radiation of heat treatment furnace. But when the furnace is equipped with high speed burner, while the temperature is very high, work mainly by convection in the furnace heat as well, vacuum furnaces were owned in radiant heating.