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Heating Resistance Will Confirm

Apr 01, 2016

Tubular heating elements work most essential part of the work of electric wire, electric wire determines the heating tube of excellent quality. Heating wire of its research is the study of resistance of the heating wire resistance determines the power of electric heating pipe. Resistance of the heating pipe is established, different operating voltage, the different effect of electric power, thermal effects as well. Usually smaller resistance, resistance wire diameter bigger voltage fixed cases, greater resistance by the current, when the load current exceeds the resistance wire adopted by the prone to rupture and damage, data says smaller the heater resistor is not possible, should be based on the actual situation and to use to select the appropriate resistance wire.

Heating resistance will confirm 2 points:

1, identifying with the rated voltage and the power to determine the resistance. Through the formula: power = voltage */resistance.

2, the surface of the heating element load is not exceeded, generally should not exceed 1.5W/cm ².

When choosing a production electric resistance, mainly according to the rated voltage and the rated power of the customers, at the same time, we also have to consider the resistance wire surface load bearing capacity. Thus protecting the life of the heating pipe.