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Common Resistor Have?

Apr 01, 2016

1, potentiometer

Potentiometer is an electro-mechanical components, he brushes on the resistance to the sliding, and brush-displacement achieved a certain relationship between the output voltage.

1.1 synthetic carbon film potentiometer

Resistance is used after grinding of carbon black, graphite, quartz material coating to the substrate surface, and the process is simple, the potentiometer is the most widely used. Is characterized by high resolution good wear resistance and longer life. Disadvantage is that current noise, nonlinear, resistant to moisture resistance and stability.

1.2 organic solid potentiometer

Organic black is a new potentiometer potentiometer, it is heating and pressure methods, organic resistance powder inside the Groove of the insulator. Organic solid compared with carbon film potentiometer potentiometer has good heat tolerance, high power, high reliability, good resistance to abrasion strengths. But the temperature coefficient, noise, bad moisture resistance properties, complex manufacturing processes, high resistance accuracy is poor. In miniature, high reliability, high wear-resistance of electronic equipment, as well as for adjusting the voltage and current in AC and DC circuits.

1.3 metallic glass uranium potentiometer

By screen printing method, with some graphics, the metal uranium glass resistor paste is coated on ceramic substrate, and is formed by high-temperature sintering. Features: wide resistance range, good heat tolerance, overload capacity strong, resistant to moisture, wear and so on are all very good, is promising the potentiometer, the disadvantage is that contact resistance and current noise.