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Classification And Application Of Copper-based Alloys

Jul 13, 2019

According to the kinds of alloying elements added, copper alloys can be divided into three categories: brass, bronze and white copper. Brass is a copper alloy with zinc as the main alloy element, white copper is a copper alloy with nickel as the main alloy element, and bronze is a copper alloy other than brass and white copper. In order to conform with international standards, the national standard GB 11086-89 divides copper and copper alloys into seven categories: copper, copper-zinc alloy (brass), copper-tin alloy (bronze), copper-aluminium alloy, copper-nickel alloy, Copper-Nickel-Zinc alloy (nickel-silver) and special copper alloy. At present, the original classification method is still used in industry. In addition, copper alloys can be separately classified into brazing fillers, superplastic copper alloys and functional copper alloys according to their uses and properties.

Some brass, bronze and brass are widely used in the manufacture of automotive radiators, heat exchangers and components of various industrial devices that require rapid passage or heat transfer along metals. Brass, some bronze and brass are used in gas and liquid delivery systems such as condensers, pipes and valves that require corrosion resistance. Special copper alloys, such as copper brazing filler metals used for brazing, superplastic copper alloys through superplastic forming into various devices, functional copper alloys used to make coins, decorations, musical instruments and so on. In addition, various copper alloys are also indispensable materials for machinery industry, which are used to process various mechanical parts such as springs, fasteners, cushions and so on.

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