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Battery Fires Plaguing Global Risks, Overcome By Chinese People

Apr 01, 2016

Recently is undoubtedly the new car market by Zodiac, heavy new cars get together of various series listed only on the 18th day of the month of 5 new cars. Media counterparts, however very few people noticed, 19th, micro-macro, a battery company held a press conference in Beijing, released products, although a bit hot--do not burn batteries, but its significance may be far more profound than any new car.

More importantly, the industry's first battery technology is a bunch of people out.

More and more new energy vehicles on the market today, pure electric, plug-in hybrid, increasing your electric and gas-electric hybrid technology flourishing, many consumers are starting to seriously consider buying a new energy vehicles. However, we are most concerned about at present is mainly on price and mileage of the car, while for more important security issues, not many people are concerned.

Micro-macro do not burn batteries is an important element of its resistance to high temperature diaphragm, this layer membrane used for bullet-proof vests "Kevlar" materials can guarantee 300 degrees does not occur when the contract, so you can avoid short circuits within the battery expanded rapidly, avoiding internal transient thermal runaway.