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2016 Analysis Of Technical Characteristics Of The Chinese Plastic Industry In China

Apr 01, 2016

Technical analysis of China's plastic industry, energy conservation is a national policy, but also the obligation of the enterprise. If the company is able to meet the country's development strategies, but also benefited from energy conservation, the enterprise will be huge economic and social benefits. 2016 analysis of technical features of China's plastic industry. Some energy-saving equipment currently on the market is mostly mechanical energy saving, such as using the inverter, but its saving rate of only 15%-25%, the solution is just motor parts. In the plastics industry, heating power consumption is huge, and should adopt a variety of measures to achieve energy-saving effect. This article is aimed at this problem, using electromagnetic heating energy-saving technologies, research and development and efficient heating energy-saving equipment, used to increase the saving rate and stability.

1. electromagnetic heating energy-saving principle and the features currently, plastic mechanical by with of heating way General for resistance coil heating, through conduction way conduction heat, only close to in material tube surface side of heat to to material tube Shang, such outside side of heat most lost to air in the, exists with hot conduction loss, and led to environment temperature of rose; resistance coil heating another shortcomings is power density low, in some need temperature high of heating occasions on cannot adapted has.