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1.6mm Pure Zn/Tafa01t/Aluminum for Thermal Spray Wire

Feb 10, 2017

Basic Info
  • Model NO.: 1.6mm Pure Zn

  • Material: Zn Al

  • PCD: 40-45

  • Package: Packing with Spool

  • Origin: China

  • Product Type: Wire

  • Carbon Content: 0

  • Trademark: ualloy

  • Specification: 1.6mm

Product Description
Pure Zinc & Zn/5Al are excellent material choices for corrosion protection in both atmospheric and marine environments. Using either the electric arc spray or combustion wire process, wire coatings of these materials
act as sacrificial anodes, galvanically protecting iron or steel substrates.Decades of field work using these coatings has clearly demonstrated that they are far more effective and longerlasting than hot dip galvanizing.
Coatings of ZnAl often have better corrosion resistance than either pure zinc or aluminum, by combining the advantages of both materials. This is particularly true in areas where crevices exist and residual moisture and contamination is present, and in areas where the coating has been scratched or scraped, resulting in coating voids and exposed substrate.
Using the electric arc spray process, coatings of these materials are often used in the electronics industry for EMI and RF shielding, or as conductive coatings on capacitors.

Typical Uses and Applications
Atmospheric and immersion corrosion protection on large steel or iron structures such as bridges, roadway
barriers, posts and poles, offshore structures and marine structures.
Atmospheric corrosion protection on steel or iron components such as tanks and gas bottles
EMI and RF shielding on plastic components (electric arc spray only)
Electrical conductance on components such as the Conductive areas on insulators and capacitor end caps

Product Details
Chemical composition:
TypeChemical composition
Zn 99.9+Balance 0.1
Zn 15AlBalance15 

ZnC2.25/C2.25M W-Zn-1

Physical Properties
GradeDensityRockwell Hardness
Zn7.14 g/cm3 
ZnAl7.18 g/cm3 

Typical Deposit Characteristics: 
GradeTypical HardnessBond StrengthDeposit RateDeposit EfficiencyMachilityineab
ZnHRB 20 - 306.9 - 15.0 Mpa24 lbs /hr/100A0.7Good
Zn 5AlHRB 40 -4520.7 - 24.1 Mpa//Good
Standard Sizes & Packing:
Diameter Packing  Wire Weight
1/16 (1.6mm)D 300 Spool    15kg((33 lb)/spool 
Other sizes can produced based on customers' requirement.