Silicone Insulated Heating Resistance Wire NiChrome

Silicone Insulated Heating Resistance Wire NiChrome
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Product Details

Fiberglass heating wire

Heating material: Constantan wire, Nichrome wire, CuNi alloy wire, CuMn alloy wire

Insulation material: Silicone or rubber

Internal wrapping: Heating wire wrap on the fiberglass

Bending test: > 5000 times, no deformation

Wraping test: >25000 times, no deformation

Max temp: 200 Deg

Rated voltage: 300V

Insulation resistance: more than 100 MΩ

Application: Electric blanket, electric heating cushion, pet mat, jade mattress, electric heating belt, electric heating warm clothes, electric heating shoes, electric heat massage chair, air conditioner, refrigerator defrost, electric cooker, electric towel rack, pipe tank body antifreeze, car window heating, medical beauty equipment and other internal use lines