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Why the nichrome wire can be widely used in electric heaters?

Jun 05, 2018

     The major reason why nichrome wire can be used in various electrical appliances is because of its high heating property as compared to other good conductors ( alloy wires ).

     Basically here nichrome wire is a heating element or a material that allows the electricity to pass through it and offers certain resistance that produces heat. The amount of heat produced depends on the magnitude of current passes through the heating elements and the magnitude of resistance offered by the element wire such if a heating wire allows maximum current to pass through it then it cannot produce much heat due to its low resistance property.

As a heating wire , the nichrome wire has amazing and useful properties :

  1. High resistivity permits high resistance value in small lengths.

  2. Lower coefficient of resistivity over temperature

  3. Low coefficient of expansion

  4. Amenable to coiling, and retains shape over full temperature range. Loose coils as such can be easily inserted in insulator casing / housing.

  5. High melting point

  6. Non magnetic over entire usrful temperature range

  7. Chemically inert

  8. High stability over time

The total amperage of the nichrome wire circuit must not exceed the total amperage of the variable voltage control that is supplying the circuit.

The nichrome wire is electrically live. Care must be taken to isolate the nichrome wire from any electrical conductor before power is applied.

REMARKS: Never touch the nichrome wire while power is applied