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Structure and principle of electric heating film

Apr 01, 2016

Electric film is translucent film of polyester, is a new type of heating equipment. Electric heating membrane itself is the body, the power can be in the form of radiation heat into the surrounding space, can dissipate heat to achieve good results. Electric film is mainly used on indoor heating, the effect is superior to traditional heating mode.

1, electric membrane structure

Electric film is formed by the diaphragm, connecting parts and electric thermostat, electric diaphragm is electric heating components of membrane systems, electric diaphragm is PET special polyester film base material, heating materials for ink and conductive materials for metal carrying current. Electric components are connecting wires, the connection and insulation cover card, used for connecting electric circuits, and control of electric safety.

2, electric diaphragm principle

Laying of electric ink lines are parallel and evenly inside the polyester film, metal carrying current, connected by the equivalent of lines on the ends, forming a plurality of parallel resistance. Electric power, in metal carrying current connected to the next, ink ohmic heating.

Electric ink is a special conductive lines of ink, metal current-carrying materials are copper-Tin and silver alloy material. Electrothermal film manufacturing for computer numerical control, ink line thickness and diameter on both sites you can heat the ink line needs to be controlled in order to ensure that temperature level and uniformity of electric film heating.

3, the use of electric heating film

Electric current is mainly used in indoor heating and temperature areas such as the environment. Electric heating film in civilian areas mainly focused on Office buildings, residential buildings of indoor heating. Industrial electric heating film can be used in tank insulation, pipe heat tracing and warehouse building temperature. Electric heating film in agriculture, can be used for vegetable greenhouses, heating of greenhouses, brooding box.