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Special resistors

Apr 01, 2016

1, insurance of resistance: also called fuse under normal circumstances plays a dual role of resistors and fuses, circuit failure and when the power exceeds the rated power, it will, like fuse fuse circuits disconnect the connection. Fuse resistor values are small (0.33 ω ~10K ω), less power. Fusing resistors commonly used models are: RF10, fuse resistor symbol RF111-5 type, RRD0910 type, RRD0911 type, and so on.

2, sensitive resistors: refers to the resistance value for a certain physical quantities (such as temperature, humidity, light, voltage, mechanical forces, and gas concentrations, etc) with sensitivity, as these physical changes, sensitive resistors resistance value will change with the physical changes, different resistance values. According to different physical quantities-sensitive, sensitive resistors can be divided into thermal, moisture sensitive, sensitive, pressure-sensitive, force-sensitive resistance, magnetic susceptibility and gas-sensitive type. Sensitive resistor materials are nearly all semiconductor materials, these resistors are also referred to as semiconductor resistors.

Resistor industry market research reports, a thermistor resistance varies with temperature, temperature resistance as a negative temperature coefficient (NTC) thermistor. Negative temperature coefficient thermistor are widely, and can be divided into general-negative temperature coefficient Thermistors; voltage-negative temperature coefficient Thermistors; negative temperature coefficient Thermistors temperature measurement, and so on. Resistance of photoresistors resistance changes with incident light intensity changes when incident light enhancement, photosensitive resistance decreases, the incident light decreased resistance increases.