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Resistor industry definition and classification

Apr 01, 2016

Resistor definition

Generally referred to as resistance resistors in daily life. Is a current-limiting component, after the resistance in the circuit, resistors resistance value is fixed to the two pins, it may limit the connecting branch through it's current size. Value cannot be changed for a fixed resistor. Variable resistance potentiometer or variable resistor. Ideal resistors are linear, the current through the resistor is proportional to the applied voltage. Voltage variable resistors. In naked resistance body, crushed one or two metal contacts. Contact either end position of resistance and contact resistance.

Resistor industrial classification

Classification of v-I characteristics

For most conductors, and at a certain temperature, almost unchanged and its resistance to a certain value, this type of resistance is called linear resistors. The resistance of some materials clearly as the current (or voltage), its current-voltage characteristics is a curve, this type of resistance is called non-linear resistors. Nonlinear resistance at a given voltage (or current) under the effect of ratio of voltage and current in the point under the static resistance, current-voltage characteristics on the slope of the curve for the dynamic resistance. Expression characteristics of nonlinear resistors rather complex ways but these nonlinear relationships have been widely used in electronic circuits.