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Guan yafeng: determining domestic instrument successes 13 details

Apr 01, 2016

In the report to the General Assembly session, China instrument society analytical instrument branch Chairman Guan Ya wind said: "two years ago, I presented to the number of domestic equipment manufacturers in 13 instrument design details, I hope they are able to give an answer, but until today, I didn't get any feedback from a domestic equipment manufacturers. No way, take the opportunity today, I ' question and answer ' to give answers to 13 questions. ”

These 13 details focused on the electronic circuits inside the instrument development process design, choice of materials, optical design, 3 links.

Among them, 6 issues in electronic circuit design, including printed circuit board (PCB) volume and surface resistance, on the PCB Board welding small resistance and temperature coefficient of bridge impact, solder EMF electromotive force of thermocouple and the temperature coefficient, copper wire, plug connector contact resistance temperature coefficient of resistance, and so on.

4 questions on instrument selection includes the thermal conductivity of material thermal expansion coefficient and material deformation-stress and cold-flow properties, the chemical properties of the material, and so on.

3 problem in the optical design including optical devices within the micro-bubbles and impurities, optical reflection, optical path of the wall, and so on.

At first glance, these are minor details, easily overlooked by instrument designers, "it's those small details determine the success or failure of national instrument. "Guan yafeng stressed.