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Electrode-type hand warmers and heating type hand warmers which is more secure

Apr 01, 2016

Electrode-type hand warmers and heating-hand warmers which is more secure? Electrode heated hand warmers in the principle of not safe! Sales of electrode type hand warmers have a vent. Exhaust vent is to prevent gas burst of heat produced in the process of hand warmers, sets.

One industry source said, but the exhaust must be artificially exhaust, exhaust vent has a sieve with her nails is difficult to uncover, you can use a knife or other tool to gently pick open. But keep in mind that we must power off operations. When charging the electrodes warm hand valuable interior is electrically charged, opening the vents might get a shock.

Electrode-type hand warmers heating principle itself is unsafe, vent is just one more security measures, it cannot change the fact that there are security risks.

November 1, 2010, the AQSIQ issued by household and similar electrical appliances-Safety-particular requirements for heat storage type electric hand warmers full implementation of hand for electric load-carrying capacity, elevated temperatures, power outages, seal level are related to specific provisions.

Electrode-type hand warmers do not meet the requirements of national standard, and prone to leakage and bursting dangerous prohibited production and sales.

It is understood that from January 10 to February 28 of this year, trade and industry in the province, Shaanxi Province, hand warmers, heating appliance within special rectification action, crack down on sales of counterfeit, "three noes" and other violations, off the shelf electrodes electric hot water bottle.

Associations 2014 Winter issued a consumer alert, electrode hand warmers for security breaches do not buy. If you purchase select meet the national standard of GB-4706.100-2009 heating wire (pipe) hand warmers.