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Common resistor have

Apr 01, 2016

Common resistor have?

1. metal film potentiometer

Metal film resistors potentiometer by the alloy membrane composition, metal oxide film, metal foils, respectively. Is characterized by high resolution, high temperature, low temperature coefficient, low noise, smooth, good.

2. the conductive plastic potentiometer

DAP with a special process (o-propyl-n-thin-FAT) resistor paste covering on the insulated body, aggregate heating into a resistor or DAP resistance powder with thermoplastic insulation substrate grooves form a solid body as resistance. Characteristics: good smoothness, resolution excellent wear resistance, long service life, low noise, high reliability, good resistance to chemical corrosion. For the universe of devices, missiles, aircraft radar antenna servo system.

3. switch potentiometers

Rotary switches, potentiometers, potentiometers, push-pull switch push switch potentiometer

4. adjustable potentiometers

Adjustable potentiometer in the circuit, once debugged using wax to seal adjustment position, in general no longer regulate.

5. slide potentiometer

Using slide change resistance values.

6. double-potentiometer

Different shaft and double continuous potentiometer and the coaxial and potentiometer