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Advantages and disadvantages of heating plates and working principle

Apr 01, 2016

Electric hot plate is a kind of electric equipment, as it is based on electric heating alloy wire heating material, with materials such as MICA-soft Board as insulation material, coating with a thermal conductivity of materials such as stainless steel plate. Electric hot plate is one of the most common types of heating equipment, such as electric thermos is a classic example of heating plates.

1, electric hot plate principle

Electric plate heating material for electric wires, it works is very simple, is the basic heating effect. Electric hot plate work, current through electric wire, electric wire will heat, electric energy into heat energy, and transfer to the outer shell. Heating plates are designed with insulation materials, guarantee of current electric heating alloy silk would not be used to cause a security risk.

2, the advantages of electric heating plate

Heating plates for thin flat plate design, simple heat evenly, easy to install and use. Electric hot plate made of stainless steel, ceramics and other materials as the outer shell, electric heating alloy wire to be closed inside the electric hot plate, so that for closed heating, heating no fire, no smell, good safety, applicable to a variety of working environments.

3, electric hot plate classification

Electric Board currently and no clear of classification, in market Shang common of electric Board has stainless steel electric Board, and ceramic electric Board, and silicone rubber electric Board, and carbon Crystal electric Board and carbon fiber electric Board,, its main difference is in outer shell body material different or within layer fever material different, as stainless steel electric Board and ceramic electric Board belongs to shell material different, remaining of several for fever material different.