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A heating wire line thaw cracked rail transportation bottleneck

Apr 01, 2016

Soft copper wire embedded in the contact line, by heating to defuse Cryogenic freezing; include fiber in the catenary wire, catenary "lesion" appeared accurate; the introduction of copper alloy materials, contact line with more strength and more economical ... ... Held in Shanghai yesterday, two days before the third rail power supply technology application and development seminar, Jiangsu Fujikura hengtong photoelectric company first in China's heated contact wire, optical fiber composite catenary wire of copper alloys and copper alloys materials three products, becoming cracked rail transportation bottleneck in the development of new "weapons".

Low temperature, is top of the line of contact "enemies". When the temperature is below 0 degrees Celsius, wind speeds below 3 m/s, humidity is more than 75%, there will be ice on the surface of the contact line, resulting in locomotives stranded in locomotive operation safety-threatening. Previously, programmes to address the ice usually has two, one is by mechanical and artificial, but low efficiency of deicing, ineffective; the second is through the high current to the heating of the contact line, save labor, but long distance, high voltage power supply a great deal of energy.

Tengcanghengtong newly developed a heating contact line, effectively solve the problem of ice on the surface of the contact line. "Our original roots are embedded in the line of contact with heated insulated and sheathed soft copper wire, like adding a heating wire. When it encounters a cold weather, ice detection sensor line will be transmitted to the control centre, through for example, soft copper stranded wire heating, resolve the icing problems of external contact line. "Fujikura hengtong technology chief engineer Cao Shouqin said, after testing, ice from the line of contact of lingxia5sheshidu temperature to 5 degrees Celsius, just 20 minutes. Meanwhile, soft copper wire embedded is also a fine living. Embedded soft copper wire and insulated jacket, overall diameter must not exceed 1-2 mm, this slotted mold made of the very demanding.