Thermocouple Cable (Multi-pairs)

Thermocouple Cable (Multi-pairs)
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Product Details

Basic Info.

Certification:ISO9001Package:Coil/Spools/Drums+Wooden Case
Specification:IEC584, DIN EN 584-1, ITS90, GOST492Trademark:Ualloy
Origin:ChinaThermocouple Cable Type:K, T, N, E, J, L, B, R, S
Insulation:PVC, Teflon , Silicon Rubber, FiberglassSheild:Aluminum, Tin-Coated Copper /Stainless Steel Braid
Pair:1-48 PairsStandard Code:IEC584, DIN En 584-1, Its90, GOST492
Production Capacity:10000km/Month

Product Description

Thermocouple cable (extension/compensation):
Type: K, T, N, E, J, L, B, R, S
Insulation: PVC, teflLon(FEP. PFA), Silicon rubber, Fiberglass;  Aluminum, Tin-coated copper braid/Stainless steel braid sheild.

Thermocouple (extension/compensation/compensating) cable are used to extend the cold ends of the thermocouples in the temperature-testing systems. The cable is produced by advanced extrusion machine on the assembly line. It has good resistance to high and low temperature, acid, corrosiion, aging, as well as oil and water. Customers can choose different insulation material according to Working temperature.
PVC(-25, +70º C); PVC (-25, +105º C); Silicone Rubber (-60, +180º C); FEP(-60, +205º C); PFA(-60, +275º C); Fibreglass (-60, +400º C); Quartz Fiber (-60, +1100º C).

Other cables:
1) flame-retardant cable
2) essential safety compensation cable
3) high-temperature cable

Specification: 2 x section mm2
Multipair: (4-48)xsection mm2

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