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Ni80cr20/alloy 650 0.1x3mm Customized Heating Resistance Flat Wire


(Common Name:Ni80Cr20,Nikrothal 8,MWS-650,NiCrA,Tophet A,HAI-NiCr 80,Chromel A,Alloy A,Alloy 650,N8,Resistohm 80, Stablohm 650,Nichorme V,Nikrothal 80.)






For Ni80Cr20

(Common Name:Ni80Cr20,Nikrothal 8,MWS-650,NiCrA,Tophet A,HAI-NiCr 80,Chromel A,Alloy A,Alloy 650,N8,Resistohm 80, Stablohm 650,Nichorme V,Nikrothal 80.)


Characterized by high resistivity, good oxidation resistance and very good form stability. It is suitable for use at temperatures up to 1200°C,and hold a superior service life compared to Iron chromium alumium alloys.

Typical applications for Ni80Cr20 are electric heating elements in home appliances,industrial furnaces and resistors(wirewound resistors,metal film resistors), flat irons, ironing machines, water heaters, plastic moulding dies, soldering irons, metal sheathed tubular elements and cartridge elements.

Normal composition%


Production Process:

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Q1.Is there any discount of the  wire?
A. Yes. Bigger quantity will get a discount.
Q2.Information needed if I want a quotation?
A Name, Standard, Material Grade(Chemical Composition), Size Quantity, Weight.
Q3. Can we visit your company/factory before place the order?
A. Yes. Welcome anytime
Q4: How does your factory do regarding quality control?
A. Quality is priority. We always attach great importance to quality controlling from beginning to end.

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