China Top Manufacturer Nichrome Wire

China Top Manufacturer Nichrome Wire
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Nichrome alloys are in the form of wire and strip for use at 1100℃~1250℃(2010°F~2280°F).It is supplied with bright and oxidized surface,spooled and coiled package.They are mainly used in industrial furnace and various heaters,resistors.    

The advantages:

Have higher hot and creep strength than FeCrAl alloys.

Better ductility after long use than FeCrAl alloys.

Generally have better corrosion resistance at room temperature than FeCrAl alloys.

Longer life span than FeCrAl.

Our Nichrome products are mailly included Ni80Cr20,Ni70Cr30,Ni60Cr15,Ni35Cr20,Ni30Cr20.

Size range

Bright and white wire--0.025mm~3mm

Pickling wire:1.8mm~10mm

Oxidized wire:0.6mm~10mm

Flat wire:thickness 0.05mm~1.0mm,width 0.5mm~5.0mm

Strip:thickness 0.01mm~7.0mm,width 0.5mm~250mm

Other sizes are available upon request.



Main Chemical  Composition(%)NiRestRest55.0-61.034.0-37.030.0-34.0


Fe≤ 1.0≤ 1.0RestRestRest

Max Continuous Service Temperature(℃)12001250115011001100

Resistivity at 20℃

(μ Ω · m)


Thermal Conductivity

(KJ/m· h· ℃)60.345.245.243.843.8

Coefficient of Thermal Expansion(α × 10-6/℃)1817171919

Melting Point(℃)14001380139013901390

Elongation(%)> 20> 20> 20> 20> 20

Micrographic Structureausteniteausteniteausteniteausteniteaustenite

Magnetic PropertyNon magneticNon magneticNon magneticNon magneticNon magnetic


Nichrome alloy is supplied according to Chinese standard GB/T 1234-2012 and the other following standards shown below.

ASTM(American Society for Testing and Materials):B344-01             

DIN(Deutsche Industry Normen):DIN 17470-1984

JIS(Japanese Industrial Standards):C2520-1999