0.523*15+0.574*1 NiCr2080 Stranded Heating Resistance Wire

0.523*15+0.574*1 NiCr2080 Stranded Heating Resistance Wire
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Stranded Wire(19 trands)
Nichrome Wire

Application: Used in heating element repair kit ane heater core wire as accessories.

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(1). Pass: ISO9001 certification, and ISO14001cetification;
(2). Fine after-sale services;
(3). Small order accepted;
(4). Stable properties in high temperature;
(5). Fast delivery;

We can also produce other stranded nichrome wire. We professionaly produce other alloy wires and alloy strips, including nichrome alloy, fecral alloy, other heating resistance alloy and so on.

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Main  Chemical  compositionNiRestRest55.0-61.034.0-37.030.0-34.0


Fe≤ 1.0≤ 1.0RestRestRest
Max.  continuous  service  temp.   of  element12001250115011001100
Resistivity  at  20oC  (μ Ω @ m)
Density  (g/cm3)8.408.108.207.907.90
Thermal  conductivity(KJ/m@ h@ oC)60.345.245.243.843.8
Coefficient  of  lines  expansion(α × 10-6/oC)
Melting  point  (approx. )(  oC)14001380139013901390
Elongation  at  rupture  (%)> 20> 20> 20> 20> 20
Micrographic  structureausteniteausteniteausteniteausteniteaustenite
Magnetic  propertiesnonmagneticnonmagneticnonmagneticnonmagneticnonmagnetic