0.35*19 Nicr2080 Heating Stranded Wire

0.35*19 Nicr2080 Heating Stranded Wire
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Stranded Wire(19 trands)
Nichrome Wire

Application: Used in heating element repair kit ane heater core wire as accessories.

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(1). Pass: ISO9001 certification, and ISO14001cetification;
(2). Fine after-sale services;
(3). Small order accepted;
(4). Stable properties in high temperature;
(5). Fast delivery;

We can also produce other stranded nichrome wire. We professionaly produce other alloy wires and alloy strips, including nichrome alloy, fecral alloy, other heating resistance alloy and so on.

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NiCr 80/20 also called Chromel A, Ni80Cr20, N8, Nichrome V, HAI - NiCr 80, Tophet A, Resistohm 80, 
Cronix 80, Protoloy, Alloy A, MWS-650, Stablohm 650, NCHW1
Nichrome Grade: Ni70Cr30,Ni80Cr20, Ni60Cr15, Ni35Cr20, Ni30Cr20
NiCr 80:20 - Industrial furnaces (upto 1200°C), electric cooking equipment, precision resistors.

Max 0.50Max 1.0-

Nicr8020 characteristic
Chemical Content %: 80.00 Nickel, 20.00 Chrome
Max continuous service temperature: 1200ºC
Resisivity: 1.09 mm2Ω /m
Density: 8.4g/cm3
Thermal conductivity: 60.3kj/mhc
Coefficient of thermal expansion: 18*10-6/c
Melting point: 1400ºC
Elongation: Min 20%