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High resistance heating wire for E- Cigarettes

High resistance heating wire for E- Cigarettes






Product Description
1. Pass: ISO9001 certification
2. Fine after-sale services
3. Small order accepted
4. Samples available
5. Short delivery time

Fe-Cr-Al resistance wires
FeCrAl heating wires and strips
Electrical resistance wire
Iron aluminum nickel alloy wires strips
FeCrAl alloy wires and strips
FeCrAl wires and strips

1. Introduction to products
With the characteristics of high resistance, low coefficient of electric resistance, high operating temperature, good corrosion resistance under high temperature, as well as the lower price, it is widely used in industrial electric furnace, household electrical appliance and far infrared ray device.

2. Marking
Each spool/package of alloy is supplied with a label or tag showing alloy type, nominal size, tare and net weight, resistance W/m (W/ft), charge number and a reference number.

3. Size
Wires: 0.018-10mm Ribbons: 0.05*0.2-2.0*6.0mm
Strips: 0.5*5.0-5.0*250mm Bars: D10-100mm

4. Application
Our Products widely apply to chemical industry, metallurgy mechanism, glass industry, ceramic industry, home appliance area and so on.

MaxMax 0.6022.5~24.5Max 0.604.2~5.0Bal.-

Mechanical Properties

Max Continuous Service Temp1250oC
Resisivity at 20oC1.35 ohm mm2/m
Density7.25 g/cm3
Thermal Conductivity60.2KJ/m@h@oC
Coefficient of Thermal Expansion15.0×10-6/oC
Melting Point1500oC
Tensile Strength637~784 Mpa
ElongationMin 12%
Section Variation Shrink Rate65~75%
Repeatedly Bend FrequencyMin 5 times
Continuous Service Time-
Micrographic StructureFerrite
Magnetic PropertyMagnetic

Temperature Factor of Electrical Resistivity                                                                                                                                  

20oC100oC200oC300oC 400oC500oC600oC700oC800oC900oC1000oC1100oC1200oC
11.002 1.007 1.014 1.0241.036 1.056 1.064 1.070 1.074 1.078 1.0811.084

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