Oxadation Bar Antioxidant Resistance Cr23al6 Rod

Oxadation Bar Antioxidant Resistance Cr23al6 Rod
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FeCrAl(Cr23Al6) resistance wire
1. Introduction to products
With the characteristics of high resistance, low coefficient of electric resistance, high operating temperature, good corrosion resistance under high temperature.

2. Alication
Our Products widely apply to chemical industry, metallurgy mechanism, glass industry, ceramic industry, home appliance area and so on.

3. Size
Wires: 0.018-10mm Ribbons: 0.05*0.2-2.0*6.0mm

4. Packing detail
Spool, coil, wooden case(as per client's requiryment)

Main  Chemical  composition(%)Cr22.5-24.5

Max.     continuous  service  temp.     of  element1350
Resistivity  at  20oC  (μ Ω @ m)1.41+-0.07
Density  (g/cm3)7.1
Thermal  conductivity(KJ/m@ h@ oC)60.2
Coefficient  of  lines  expansion(α × 10-6/oC)15
Melting  point  (approx. )(  oC)1500
Elongation  at  rupture  (%)≥ 16
Micrographic  structureFerrite
Magnetic  propertiesmagnetic