High-Resistivity Wire Insulations And Coatings

High-Resistivity Wire Insulations And Coatings
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With the high quality iron chrome aluminum for matrix, by pre - oxidation technology
treatment of the surface insulation resistance then tightly wound forming.Thermal efficiency increased by more than 20%.
Chemical Content(%)

Max0.06Max 0.025Max 0.025Max 0.70Max 1.023.0~26.0Max 0.604.5~6.5Bal.-

Mechanical Properties

Max Continuous Service Temp1250ºC
Resisivity at 20ºC1.42±0.06 ohm mm2/m
Density7.10 g/cm3
Thermal Conductivity46.1KJ/m·h·ºC
Coefficient of Thermal Expansion16.0×10-6/ºC
Melting Point1500ºC
Tensile Strength637~784 Mpa
ElongationMin 12%
Section Variation Shrink Rate65~75%
Repeatedly Bend FrequencyMin 5 times
Continuous Service Time-
Micrographic StructureFerrite
Magnetic PropertyMagnetic

With long service life.Heating up fast.High thermal efficiency.Temperature uniformity. Can use vertically. When being used in the rated voltage,there is no volatile matter.It i the ne environmental protection electric heating wire.And an alternative to the costly nichrome wire.Can be customized according to customer requirements

It is widely used in industrial furnace, household electrical appliances, infrared heater, etc.

The key properties:
1.The thickness of surface insulation resistance to oxidation layer: 5-15 μ m.
2. Insulation resistance: multimeter detection infinity.
3.The voltage-endurance of insulating single layer is greater than the alternating voltage 60 ν without breakdown.
4. The use of voltage: 6-380 ν.
5. Using temperature: Maximum1200 ºC
6. Service life: not less than 6000 hours.
7.Thermal shock performance: Electric heating element can withstand the cold and hot impact 600-6000 times without deformation.