FeCrAl Alloy Heating Resistance Flat Wire For Industrial Furnace.

FeCrAl Alloy Heating Resistance Flat Wire For Industrial Furnace.
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Product Details

Thickness: 0.04mm to 4mm
Width: 0.5mm to 280mm
Mainly used in elecrica heating furnace, locomotive resistor part.

Features of Heating Wire 
Stable performance; Anti-oxidation; Corrosion resistance; High temperature stability; Excellent coil-forming ability; Uniform and beautiful surface condition without spots.

Packing detail of Flat Wire 
Spool, coil, wooden case(as per client's requiryment)

Max0.12Max 0.025Max 0.025Max 0.70Max 1.012.0~15.0Max 0.604.0~6.0Bal.-

Mechanical Properties of Heating Furnace Flat Wire

Max Continuous Service Temp950C
Resisivity at 20C1.25 ohm mm2/m
Density7.4 g/cm3
Thermal Conductivity52.7 KJ/m@h@C
Coefficient of Thermal Expansion15.4×10-6/C
Melting Point1450C
Tensile Strength588~735 Mpa
ElongationMin 12%
Section Variation Shrink Rate65~75%
Repeatedly Bend FrequencyMin 5 times
Continuous Service Time-
Micrographic StructureFerrite
Magnetic PropertyMagnetic

Temperature Factor( degree Celsius)of Electrical Resistivity

20100 200 300400 500 600 700 800 9001000
11.005 1.014 1.028 1.0441.064 1.090 1.120 1.132 1.142 1.150