Fecral 1cr13al4 Alloy 902 Resistance Heating Wire

Fecral 1cr13al4 Alloy 902 Resistance Heating Wire
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FeCrAl 1cr13al4 Alloy 902 resistance heating wire
Grade: 1Cr13Al4

1. Performance: High resistance, low coefficient of electric resistance, high operating temperature, good corrosion resistance under high temperature.

2. Usage: It is mainly used in electric locomotive, diesel locomotive, metro vehicle and high speed moving car etc brake system brake resistor, electric ceramic cooktop, industrial furnace.

3. Diameter: 1.0-10.0mm
Other sizes are available upon your request.

Other FeCrAl Alloy: 1Cr15Al5, 0Cr21Al4, 0Cr21Al6, 0Cr23Al5, 0Cr25Al5, 0Cr21Al6Nb etc
Please email us for more detailed information.

Main    Chemical    composition(%)Cr12.0-15.0

Max.       continuous    service    temp.       of    element950
Resistivity    at    20oC    (μ   Ω   ·   m)1.25+-0.08
Density    (g/cm3)7.4
Thermal    conductivity(KJ/m·   h·   oC)52.7
Coefficient    of    lines    expansion(α   ×   10-6/oC)15.4
Melting    point    (approx.   )(    oC)1450
Elongation    at    rupture    (%)≥ 16
Micrographic    structureFerrite
Magnetic    propertiesmagnetic