Catalytic Converter Fecral Resistance Foil, Heat Resistant Foil

Catalytic Converter Fecral Resistance Foil, Heat Resistant Foil
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Catalytic Converter Fecral resistance foil, heat resistant foil                                                                       


0Cr21Al6 Chemical Content(%) C P S Mn Si Cr Ni Al Fe Other Max0.06 Max 0.025 Max 0.025 Max0.70 Max 1.0 19.0~22.0 Max 0.60 5.0~7.0 Bal. -  

 Mechanical Properties Max Continuous Service Temp 1250ºC Resisivity at 20ºC 1.42±0.07 ohm mm2/m Density 7.16 g/cm3 Thermal Conductivity 63.2 KJ/m·h·ºC Coefficient of Thermal Expansion 14.7×10-6/ºC Melting Point 1500ºC Tensile Strength 637~784 Mpa Elongation Min 12% Section Variation Shrink Rate 65~75% Repeatedly Bend Frequency Min 5 times Continuous Service Time - Hardness 200-260HB Micrographic Structure Ferrite Magnetic Property Magnetic 

 Description: I T is made of the surface resistance to high temperature insulation treatment of iron chrome aluminum heating element. Feature: When used in the 1000 centigrade, there is almost no volatile matter. Being used between 1000 centigrade and 1250 centigrade, the voltatile is less and transparent. It has a long service life used in high temperature. Thermal efficiency increased by more than 20%. Usage: It is widely used in all kinds of electric heater and heating equipment. Especially suitable for making such as high temperature far infrared radiator, electric oven devices such as the heating element. The main performance 1. Can be arbitrary direction installed and used. 2. There is no need of protective atmosphere or vacuum protection, assembly is convenient, low cost, use security. 3. Heating up fast, high thermal efficiency, temperature uniformity. 4. Service life: 10000--500000 hours.