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NC50 Cuprothal Alloy 294 Cuprothal 294 Nico MWS-294 Cupron Copel Alloy 45 Neu Constantan Strip Resistance Heating Strip 0.13X80MM 0.18X86MM


Ualloy49(Resistance heating wire and resistance wire) (Common Name:CuNi44,NC50.Cuprothal, Alloy 294, Cuprothal 294, Nico, MWS-294, Cupron, Copel, Alloy 45, Neutrology, Advance, CuNi 102, Cu-Ni 44, Konstantan,constantan.) Ualloy49 is a copper-nickel alloy (Cu56Ni44 alloy) characterized by high electrical resistance, high ductility and good corrosion resistance. It is suitable for use at temperatures up to 400°C Typical applications for Ualloy49 are temperature-stable potentiometers, industrial rheostats and electric motor starter resistances. The combination of negligible temperature coefficient and high resistivity makes the alloy particulary suitable for the winding of precision resistors. Ualloy49 is manufactured from electrolytic copper and pure nickel. In finer wire sizes the alloy is designated as Ualloy49TC(Thermocouple).





Product Description


Product NameCopper Nickel Alloy CuNi Strip
Product DescriptionCopper Nickel Alloy is mainly made of copper and nickel. The copper and nickel can be melted together no matter what percentage. Normally the resistivity of CuNi alloy will be higher if the Nickel content is larger than Copper content. 
Product FeaturesBy the way, the Copper Nickel wire is easy to be welded and easy to be fabricated, so it can be made into many forms and widely used in all areas. 



RibbonWidth=0.4mm-40mm, Thickness=0.03mm-2.9mm
StripWidth=8mm-250mm, Thickness=0.1mm-3mm
FoilWidth=6mm-120mm, Thickness=0.003mm-0.1mm
BarWidth=8mm-100mm, Thickness=50mm-1000mm
Other sizesAvailable Upon Your Requirements
Chemical Composition

Chemical Composition


Product Process




Packaging & Shipping


Why Choose Us

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Q1: What is the MOQ?

A1: Any quantity you need when the sizes are in stock.
Wire diameter<0.1mm, it is 1kgs
Wire diameter 0.1~0.3mm, it is 2~3kgs
Wire diameter 0.3~0.7mm, it is 5kgs
Wire diameter 0.7-1.2mm, it is 10kgs
Wire diameter >1.2mm, it is 20-25kgs
For strip,smaller size, it is 10-20kgs
Larger size, it is 50-100kgs


Q2: Can you offer free samples?

A2: Yes,when the same sizes or the close sizes are in stock. 

Q3: What's the payment terms?

A3: We accept T/T, L/C, Paypal etc. It can be negotiated when the amount is different.


Q4: What is the standard of the material?

A4: Nichrome alloy and FeCrAl alloy is supplied according to Chinese standard GB/T 1234-2012. The standard for CuNi alloy is GB/T6145-1999,GB/T9502-1999.
But We can add metal elements according to the standard of different countries as per the user&rsquo;s requirements.


Q5: Are you trading company or manufacturer?

A5: We are factory.

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