Copper Nickel Alloy foil Constantan Strip/CuNi40 Tape/CuNi44 Alloy

Copper Nickel Alloy foil Constantan Strip/CuNi40 Tape/CuNi44 Alloy
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Product Details

Basic Info.

Model NO.:CuNi44 Product Type:Strip
Material:CuNi Alloy Strip Carbon Content:None
PCD:100mm ET:No
Hole:No Package:Coil Cartons, Pallet, Spools, Coils
Specification:0.01-3mm*0.3-600mm Trademark:UALLOY
Origin:China Serves:Small Oreder Accepted
Sample Free:Available HS Code:7409400000
Production Capacity:200 Tons/Year

Copper Nickel Alloy foil Constantan Strip/CuNi40 Tape/CuNi44 Alloy

(Common Name:CuNi44,NC50.Cuprothal, Alloy 294, Cuprothal 294, Nico, MWS-294, Cupron, Copel, Alloy 45, Neutrology, Advance, CuNi 102, Cu-Ni 44, Konstantan,constantan.)

CuNi44 is a copper-nickel alloy (Cu56Ni44 alloy) characterized by high electrical resistance, high ductility and good corrosion resistance. It is suitable for use at temperatures up to 400°C.

Typical applications for OhmAlloy49 are temperature-stable potentiometers, industrial rheostats and electric motor starter resistances.

The combination of negligible temperature coefficient and high resistivity makes the alloy particulary suitable for the winding of precision resistors.

CuNi44 is manufactured from electrolytic copper and pure nickel. In finer wire sizes the alloy is designated as CuNi44TC(Thermocouple).

Normal composition%

Nickel 44 Manganese 1
Copper Bal.

Typical Mechanical properties(1.0mm)

Yield strength Tensile Strength Elongation
Mpa Mpa %
250 420 25

Typical Physical properties

Density (g/cm3) 8.9
Electrical resistivity at 20℃ (Ωmm2/m) 0.49
Temperature factor of resistivity(20℃~600℃)X10-5/℃ -6
Conductivity coefficient at 20℃ (WmK) 23
EMF vs Cu(μV/℃ )(0~100℃ ) -43

Coefficient of thermal expansion
Temperature Thermal Expansion x10-6/K
20 ℃- 400℃ 15

Specific heat capacity
Temperature 20℃
J/gK 0.41

Melting point (℃) 1280
Max continuous operating temperature in air (℃) 400
Magnetic properties non-magnetic

Corrosion resistance performance

Alloys Working In atmosphere at 20℃ Working at max temperature 200℃
Air and oxygen contain gases gases with Nitrogen gases with sulfur oxidability gases with sulfur reductibility carburization
CuNi44 good good good good bad


Style of supply

Alloys Name Type Dimension
CuNi44W Wire Wire D=0.03mm~8mm
CuNi44R Ribbon Ribbon W=0.4~40 T=0.03~2.9mm
CuNi44S Strip Strip W=8~200mm T=0.1~3.0
CuNi44F Foil Foil W=6~120mm T=0.003~0.1
CuNi44B Bar Bar Dia=8~100mm L=50~1000