Copper Mn Alloy 6J8

Copper Mn Alloy 6J8
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Shunt Manganin: 6J8

1. Description

Manganin is a trademarked name for an alloy of typically 86% copper, 12% manganese, and 2% nickel.

Manganin foil and wire is used in the manufacture of resistors, particularly ammeter shunts, because of its virtually zero temperature coefficients of resistance value and long term stability. Several Manganin resistors served as the legal standard for the ohm in the United States from 1901 to 1990. Manganin wire is also used as an electrical conductor in cryogenic systems, minimizing heat transfer between points which need electrical connections.

Manganin is also used in gauges for studies of high-pressure shock waves (such as those generated from the detonation of explosives) because it has low strain sensitivity but high hydrostatic pressure sensitivity.


Chemical Content (%)









Mechanical Properties

Operating temperature range

10~80 ℃

Resistivity at 20℃

0.35 ±0.05 ohm*mm2/m


8.7 g/cm3

EMF VS Cu (0~100 ℃)

2 μV/℃

Temperature Coefficient of Resistance

-5~+10   ×10-6/℃


Min 15%

2. Specification

Wire: Diameter: 0.04mm-8.0mm

Strip: Thickness: 0.01mm-3.0mm

Width: 0.5mm-120mm

3. Packing detail

1) Coil (plastic spool) + compressed ply-wooden case + pallet

2) Coil (plastic spool) + carton + pallet

4. Products and services

1). Pass: ISO9001 certification, and ISO14001cetification;

2). Fine after-sale services;

3). Small order accepted;

4). Fast delivery;